Monday, November 23, 2009

Movie Review: The Blind Side - PG13

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Warning: Potential spoilers.

Leigh Anne Tuohy (Bullock) first meets Michael Oher at her son's school, which Michael also attends. She finds out that he has no place to stay and she and her husband Sean (Tim McGraw) bring him home to live with their family (they are pretty well-off because Sean owns several fast-food franchises.) Michael becomes part of their family. It is especially heartwarming when Leigh Anne refers to Michael as her son, and her children SJ and Collins call him their brother. Leigh Anne does meet with Michael's birth mother, but we never see Michael meet her, although he does go to meet her in one scene.

Michael excels at football, and several well-know coaches, including Lou Holtz, make cameos trying to attract him. But before he can play college football, he must raise his GPA, so The Tuohys hire Miss Sue (Kathy Bates) to tutor him. It is interesting that the only thing Michael scored high on is protective instincts. The college Michael wants to attend is Ole Miss, where both Sean and Leigh Anne went. The only part of the movie I did not care for is when the NCAA tries to make the Tuohy's look wrong for encouraging Michael to attend Ole Miss, but it really is where he wanted to go. As many of you know, Michael was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens right after college.

There was no objectionable content. It is a real family movie, and very heart warming.

This is definitely my favorite movie of the year, and I predict it will be an Oscar winner.

Don't Miss It!

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Anonymous said...

i loved it, it made me feel like crying it was such a beautiful story. Thank God for people like that, they are saints in my book. See it, you'll never forget it. Diane