Sunday, October 25, 2009

Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen - R

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Warning:possible spoilers

Clyde Shelton and his family are the victims of a home invasion, and his wife and daughter are killed. It is understandable that he would seek revenge against the guys who did it, and it is also understandable that Clyde is angry when the DA has to make a deal with one to obtain his testimony against the other. At first, Clyde is a sympathetic character, but when he decides to target the ADA and others in the criminal justice system, he becomes irrational and as such, is just another killer.

A very engaging plot, and lots of action. Not a dull moment. I really enjoyed the movie and recommend it.

Content Warnings: During the initial attack on his family. there is a rape. The full attack is not shown, but it is clear what is occurring. As you can tell by the previews, there is plenty of violence, particularly explosions. The goriest murder, including torture, is shown in the first half. There is offensive language, in particular the F word is used quite a bit.

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