Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catholic radio show to feature novel: Mariette in Ecstasy

You can listen to 'Marriette in Ecstasy'  on the CRI website.

On Wednesday, Catholic Radio International (CRI) began its presentation on Ron Hansen’s highly praised novel, 'Mariette in Ecstasy', on its Cover-to-Cover show. The book is being read by CRI’s Joseph O’Brien.

The novel centers around Mariette, a young woman in 1906 upstate New York who joins the Sisters of the Crucifixion. After entering, she exhibits unusual behavior, including trances, moments of ecstasy, and extreme penances.

This intense emotion is foreign to the convent, and when the wounds of Christ appear on her hands, feet and side, the sisters are split about whether her experiences are genuine or simply a ploy for attention.

story here

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