Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movie Review: Year One - PG13

I am not a big fan of Jack Black, but I saw Year one because the previews, particularly Michael Cera, looked funny. I'm glad that I saw it for one reason: so I could warn you about it. It was full of crude toilet humor and sexual references. I'll give you an idea of how bad it was: feces was sampled, and there was an orgy scene. They also mocked eating the forbidden fruit, Cain killing Abel, and when Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac; that was turned into a running joke on circumcision. Needless to say, I wasn't there when the credits rolled.


Amanda Borenstadt said...

Thanks. Now I don't have to waste my money.

BTW, just found this blog. What a treasure! :)

Anonymous said...

What? Just take a joke! I know I did. 'Beware of gods whom cannot laugh'. The biblical humor was quite clever and just because you can't pull a stick out of your ass to enjoy it, doesn't make it not enjoyable. And by the way, the orgy scene, was in no way sexually explicit. They ALL had clothes the ENTIRE time and they barely put any focus on the fact that it was an orgy.

valleygirl said...

Dear Anonymous,
Orgy. It is what it is and having your clothes on doesn't change it. I agree with the author of this blog on all fronts. I enjoy all types of humor but this just verged on "WTF?" the entire 5 minutes I saw before leaving.

The rehash of Jack Black "leaving the band" or the tribe or whatever rewrite they're going to try and get mileage out of is not funny the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time through. Total waste of time and a very inappropriate PG-13 rating. With all the innuendo it should have been R.