Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catholic New Media Awards nominates Among Women

Formerly the Catholic Blog Awards, the Catholic New Media Awards includes blogs, websites, social networking like Catholic Tweet, and podcasts.
I suggest you get to know Pat Gohn's new podcast Among Women, and give it your vote.
I was interviewed for the May 6 podcast, and considering that Pat interviewed Patrice Fagnant McArthur and me amid restaurant noise, I was very impressed with how professional the podcast sounded. Pat began with short biographies of two women saints, gave a meditation, then introduced our interview. It was spiritual without being preachy and I learned a lot about two new women saints. Pat brings in her years of radio experience in her smooth as silk voice and professional standards, while her theology background lends depth to her insights.
Among Women deserves it's multiple nominations in the Catholic New Media Awards podcast category.

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