Sunday, April 26, 2009

Movie Review: State of Play - PG13

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Cal McCaffrey (Crowe) is a Washington, D.C. newspaper reporter. He happens to be old friends with Congressman Stephen Collins (Affleck), whose assistant/mistress is killed in an 'accident' which is quickly determined to be a murder. They also reveal early on that Cal had a past relationship with Stephen's wife Ann. Cal's boss Cameron assigns him and a newer reporter, Della, to the story. I thought one of the best aspects of the movie was the way Cal and Della work together on the story; the way he takes her under his wing. It is not an easy investigation, because there are many people who don't want the truth to be discovered. Like most good murder mysteries, this movie does a good job of transferring the blame and making it more difficult to figure out who is the guilty party.

Content warnings: some cursing, and a couple of murder scenes. Not appropriate for younger kids, and they might have some difficulty following it.

I'm not a big Russell Crowe fan, but he was good in this.

I thought it was a good movie overall.

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