Friday, April 17, 2009

Movie Review: Monsters vs. Aliens - PG

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Warning: Possible Spoilers

A meteor lands near Susan Murphy on her wedding day, transforming her into a 49-foot woman.    After her 'mishap', she is immediately recruited by the government and brought to a secret facility where she joins her fellow monsters Dr. Cockroach, the Missing Link, B.O.B., and Insectosaurus. Susan is also renamed Ginormica. They are soon called into action by General W.R. Monger when an alien robot probe comes looking for quantonium, which we later find out is what made Susan grow so large. It is up to the monsters to stop the alien robot and save the world. In the end, the monsters must confront the aliens on their own turf to try to stop them.

Comments and Observations: It was really cool how naturally Susan fit into the role of 'superhero' the government put her in. At first she is somewhat reluctant, but she comes to appreciate her position.

I found the contrast between Susan and her fiance Derek quite striking. She was not very happy about going to Fresno after the wedding, but she was willing to, to support his career as a news reporter. However, after she was transformed, he wanted nothing to do with her until.... he was offered a network anchor job if he got an interview with her. Fortunately, she sees through his selfishness.

No content warnings. I brought my 3 nephews, ages 8-11, and there was nothing objectional.

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