Sunday, March 15, 2009

Movie Review: Watchmen - R

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'Watchmen' focuses on a group of retired super heroes, one of which, the Comedian, is murdered at the beginning. Another one of the heroes, Rorschach, is trying to find out who did it.

Even though it takes place in an alternate 1985, it felt like the 1970's...Nixon is President (still better than Barry :), there is a big anti-war movement going on, and a few 70's songs were played. The world is moving closer to nuclear war and human annihilation. It is believed that the only one who can prevent it is Dr. Manhattan, a god-like hero who I thought resembles the Silver Surfer from the Fantastic 4 movie. Because Mr. Manhattan has given a couple of people cancer, he leaves earth and ends up on Mars. (The 'truth' of this is revealed later).

Although this movie is somewhat 'dark' and potentially depressing, I found it more thought-provoking. There are several 'plots' occurring at once: will Mr. Manhattan save earth? will Rorschach find out who killed the Comedian? And there is a developing relationship between two of the heroes. Overall, I really liked it, but....

Content Warnings: There were more than a few violent scenes that contain blood and gore. For example, a scene where someone's hands are cut off. There was also a scene with two women kissing. There was a scene of attempted rape which I found pretty disturbing and a sex scene with nudity between two of the heroes. I did NOT expect the sexual content. I had assumed the R was for violence or language, based on it being a superhero movie.

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