Monday, March 16, 2009

Coming Attraction: Earth

An incredible looking trailer. No one raised in our family could ever not appreciate nature in all its myriad forms. Which might explain why my mother's love of nature has culminated in Hannah's love of all life (yes, even in cockroaches as she tells me, though she draws the line at actually stopping them from being killed ... she is also a Texan after all). We don't have cable or I would definitely watch Planet Earth, the show that this is based on.

According to a press release I received:
We are working with Disney on their new Nature Division, and they are releasing their first movie this April (April 20th), called “Earth”, which is based off Discovery’s award-winning series “Planet Earth”. The movie is 90 minutes, narrated by James Earl Jones, and the footage is the best of Planet Earth. I watched it in NY last week and there are “no” hints of evolution or policy debate – it’s not an agenda film. The film is pretty intense, like the series, and is INCREDIBLE. It really demonstrates the beauty and magnificence of God's creation.
I am a big fan of the Earth, though not such a fan of Earth Day as it tends to become a religious observance for avid environmentalists. However as a day to recognize God's glorious creation and His expression of diversity, the likes of which we would be unlikely to imagine much less attempt ourselves, I can support it entirely.

I see no reason why this movie shouldn't live up to this trailer and eagerly await it.

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