Monday, February 23, 2009

Movie Review: The International - R

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Warning: Potential Spoilers.

The main character is Louis Salinger, an Interpol agent, and he is working with the Manhattan DA, investigating IBBC.

The 'villian' is an international bank (IBBC).
Anyone who has investigated IBBC is either dead or missing.
IBBC apparently makes alot of their money by getting involved in conflicts (wars) by picking a side to arm. That fact becomes key to the investigation and efforts to bring them down.

The most interesting part of the movie revolves around the killing of Umberto Calvini, the head of IBBC, and the search for the hitman(men) involved.

The part of the movie I didn't appreciate was the way the Manhattan DA just walked away from the investigation.

I found the first half of the movie much more interesting than the second half, but I found the ending an appropriate one for the story.

Content Warnings: In the first scene, there is a guy who is dying, and they show him throwing up. I didn't think that was necessary.
In a couple of scenes, people get shot and there is an excessive amount of 'gushing' blood. The F word is used a few times.

If you like James Bond movies, you'll probably like this one.

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