Monday, July 21, 2008

In Plain Sight -Don of the Dead

Warning: contains episode spoilers

I happen to like a few of the series on USA Network, including "In Plain Sight", about an agent, Mary Shannon, in the Witness Protection Program. Last night's (7/20) episode, was"Don of the Dead". It opened with a married Catholic couple, Don and Ruth, meeting with a priest, because they really can't stand each other anymore, and they really don't meet the conditions necessary for an annulment. They also witness the murder of that priest, which is why they are now in the Witsec program.

Together, they started, and continue to run, a soup kitchen. They stay together because they feel that it was God's will that they were married, and Ruth won't divorce, and they can't get an annulment.

When Mary is questioning why they didn't just divorce, she reveals that she too is Catholic, which was never mentioned on the show.

When Don is found dead, Ruth's true feelings are revealed: she really did love him. After it is discovered that the deceased was an alcoholic, Mary finds out that Don is not really dead. In the end, he decides to remain "dead" to give Ruth a chance to find real happiness. He says "she deserves it".

I was struck by Ruth's faithfulness to the Catholic Church and Catholic teaching. Both Ruth and Dan seem to be very good people who live Christian lives. They cared for eachother more than they realized.

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If you'd like to see this episode, you can see it online at the site below.

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Redtabby said...

A few weeks ago, I saw another episode featuring a Catholic couple in the program, and they were portrayed in a very positive way, not like the kooks or idiots as religious people are so often show. A very pleaant surprise, to say the least.