Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movie Review: Up - PG

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The first part of "Up" traces the lives of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from the time they meet as kids, to when they get married. They go through this quickly, but this was my favorite part, and I really like the way they show them as 'partners' in their relationship. They fix up their first home together, they deal with unexpected expenses (they show them using their savings each time), losing a baby, and growing old together.

Ellie has passed away now, and Carl is 78 years old and living alone in the house they shared so many years. There is now plenty of buildings and construction going on around his house. Car has resisted the offers to sell. He is finally given an ultimatum, and that's when he reveals his secret: he has hundreds of balloons connected to his house, and sets out for Ellie's dream place, Paradise Falls, a place in South America that she dreamed of going to someday.

Coming along for the ride is Russell, a Junior Wilderness Explorer who is looking for his Senior Service Medal. On the journey, they encounter a rare Snipe bird, which Russell names Kevin. They encounter Charles Muntz, an explorer who had discovered the Snipe years ago, but was discredited because he couldn't prove it's existence. At first, Charles is friendly and hospitable toward Carl and Russell, but that quickly changes when he discovers Kevin. In the end, Carl and Russell must rescue themselves and Kevin from Muntz and the mean group of dogs that he controls.

A very entertaining movie for kids, and the 3D is pretty cool.

Content Warnings: None. We took my nephews and niece, ages 7 to 16, and there was nothing objectional.


Tito Edwards said...

Thanks Christine with your review. My friends and I will be viewing this later today. By the look of the trailer it seems like harmless fun! (the dog character makes me laugh)

Christine said...

It was fun :)