Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Catholicism Project

Anyone who reads about the Catholic Church in the mainstream media knows that we are in serious need of a public relations expert. God knows this, and He has a plan. Enter Fr Robert Barron, professor at Mundelein Seminary and preacher from Word on Fire Ministries. I recently attended a childrens' birthday party where the enthusiastic hostess insisted her guests watch his DVD Seven Deadly Sins in the midst of hyped up kids on cake. I was riveted. Fr Baron is that good. See his video review of Grand Torino which I posted here.

Now, add film from locations around the world, including the Holy Land, and The Catholicism Project is looking truly extraordinary.
For this world-spanning, all-encompassing series, Father Barron is telling the story not chronologically but in essential themes. Everything works toward his second equally important goal: “to evangelize the culture using the riches of the Church. We weave in a lot for artwork because the greatest artwork in the Western world is about Christianity.”
Pope John Paul II was a big influence on him. Father Barron explains that “after the [Second Vatican] Council there was bad formation in Catholicism. Frankly, my generation has been taught a watered-down Catholicism.”
Consequently, he wants to re-educate and reintroduce people to the faith intellectually and visually, and then to reach out beyond the Catholic world and evangelize the culture.
Read the entire story on the National Catholic Register blog.

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