Sunday, May 24, 2009

Movie Review: Terminator Salvation - PG 13

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John Connor is leading the resistance against Skynet, which was a defense system which became self-aware, and is now making 'Terminators' at a record pace. Marcus Wright is an ex-con who was on death row. He was actually executed, but before he was, Dr Serena Kogan convinced him to donate his body to science for 'research'. He is back, but is he friend or foe?

The resistance finds a way to send a secret signal that will shut down the terminators. and makes plans to level sSkynet and everything/everyone in it. However, when John Connor finds out that Skynet has a lot of human prisoners, including Kyle Reese, a teenager who, in the future, will be his father, John can't convince General Ashdown to delay the attack until the prisoners can be rescued. Fortunately, the rest of the resistance views John as their leader.

Content warnings: Lots of killings, violence and explosions. There is a bit of gore, when you see someone part human/part Terminator and a very brief scene where you see body parts like hands and feet.

Spoiler Warning: Close to the end, John Connor fights a Terminator; One hint: Arnold. Yes, Arnold makes a brief appearance as a Terminator, but it seemed like they integrated older footage, because Arnold seemed a lot younger, and more fit than he is now.

Overall a pretty decent movie for those who are Terminator fans, but definitely not the best of of the four; I still think that Terminator 2 Judgement Day was the best of the four.

I did not care for the ending. It was fairly inconclusive, and indicated that there would be another Terminator. However, the way it ended did not, in my opinion, lend itself to another.

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