Sunday, July 13, 2008

HellBoy II - PG13

I saw the first Hellboy on cable.
Maybe it was the big screen this time, maybe I sat too close to the screen, but I felt like there were too many close-ups of Hellboy :)

Here's the story:
An ancient king had a "golden army" of unstoppable creatures. He realized the threat they were to mankind, and made a truce not to use them. His son disagreed with this truce and went into exile.

Now, the son, Prince Nuada, is trying to awaken the army, and he is accompanied by his sister, Princess Nuala. He also kills his father. He needs the 3 pieces of his father's crown in order to awaken, and control, the army. He had 1 piece, his sister has the 2nd, and the 3rd came from a surprising source, which I considered a betrayal.

Throughout the movie, Liz is trying to tell Hellboy that she is expecting. After he is injured, and healed, it is this fact that "keeps him going". In the end, we find out it is twins :)

Content warning: The violence is to be expected, but one scene in particular was pretty gross.
At one point, I was pretty uncomfortable with how close the prince and princess (brother and sister) were.

I have heard that Hellboy will be a trilogy, so lookout for a possible III.

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