Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hancock- PG13

Hancock is a superhero who is not always welcomed by the very people he tries to protect. He is an alcoholic, and doesn't relate well to people. That all changes one day when he saves Ray Embrey, who happens to be a public relations manager. He seems eager to help Hancock clean up his image and be welcomed by people, partially because Hancock saved him, but also because Ray is really trying to make a difference in the world. Charlize Theron is Mary Embrey, Ray's wife. I sensed something "different" about her, and I was right: look for a revelation about Mary's past.

I do feel that Hancock is treated somewhat unfairly. There is always damage and destruction in superhero movies when the hero is fighting bad guys. This was the first time I saw the hero blamed for it.

Because of the damage he caused in apprehending criminals, Hancock agrees to spend time in jail. During the movie, Hancock does re-make his image with Ray's help.

Content (and spoiler) Warnings: Lots of crudeness and some cursing. In particular, he hates it when he is called an a-hole, which happens several times. The crudest scene is when one bad-guy's head is is literally shoved up the butt of another. It might sound humorous, but it is a very crude, disgusting scene. There is also a scene where someone (a bad guy) loses a hand.

There is plenty of action, and I especially liked the ending.

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