Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Prince Caspian": Christine's Review

I saw Prince Caspian today, I thought it was great. The 4 kids (well, a couple of them are teens :) from the first Narnia movie are back in Prince Caspian. They are referred to as the Kings and Queens of Narnia. As you can see by the previews and posters, Aslan is also back. However, his role is more brief than in the first.

This movie takes place 1 year, in our time, and 1200 years in Narnia time, after the first one. As they are standing on a subway platform, Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy are returned to Narnia. They find it quite different than the first time they were there. They meet Prince Caspian, who is in hiding from King Miraz, his uncle. Miraz wants to kill Caspian so his own newborn son can be Prince. The talking animals and creatures are missing, at first.

In the first Narnia movie, there were some stark biblical images: Aslan giving his life for Edmund, then being resurrected, etc.
I did not see such images in this one, but Aslan did say a couple of things with a somewhat biblical reference. When Lucy first sees Aslan, she tells him the others didn't believe she had seen him. He says "that should not keep you from coming to me." This kind of reminded me of when Thomas did not believe the other apostles had seen the risen Christ. Also, when he refers to Caspian as King, and Caspian says "I'm not sure I am ready." Aslan responds: "Perhaps that is what shows that you are." This reminded me of "Whoever is last shall be first" I found myself actually looking for biblical refernces. I think that might be because of the Christianity of C.S. Lewis.

After the talking animals return, it becomes more like the first Narnia. My favorite part of the movie was a climactic fight between Peter and King Miraz.

The only content warning is some violence in the fight to restore Narnia. I thought of it as exciting and entertaining, but I can see where small kids might view some parts as scary.

At the end, look for a hint about who will, or won't be in the next Narnia movie.

Overall, an excellent movie well worth seeing.

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