Sunday, May 4, 2008

Iron Man - PG13 -My own review

Warning: some spoilers included

I took my nephews to see Iron Man today. I'm just not sure who enjoyed it more...them or me :)

They also informed me I have to take them to the new Batman the Dark Knight movie in July and the Incredible Hulk movie in June, so I'll be reporting on those when we see them :)

As many of the reviews and previews have shown, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is kidnapped in Afganistan and forced to make a weapon. Instead, he builds a suit (the prototype for Iron Man) to escape. He owns a weapons company, and when he sees the effects of his weapons, he becomes Iron Man and vows to destroy the weapons rather than let terrorists and other bad guys have them and use them. I was impressed by that theme of redemption and atonement.

The employees of his weapons company are not exactly thrilled that the company's main product won't be made anymore. One of his executives makes a weapons deal under the table, and gets hold of the original prototype suit. He becomes Iron Man's first opponent.

As far as content warnings, there was one sex scene early on, but it was very brief and there was no nudity. There is some violence, as you would expect, and the gore is mild...some of it is actually implied, but not shown, like when some people are shot, they cut away and you hear the gunfire but don't see the death.

The part that gave me the biggest chill was to see Gwyneth Paltrow put her hand in the hole in his chest.

The biggest surprise for me was at the end. in a press conference, he announces "I am Iron Man" (usually super heros keep their true identity secret :)

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RC said...

you're totally right about the grosses part...i think i totally blocked the memory of the paltrow reaching into downey's chest...that was disgusting.

Julie D. said...

Aaargh! Christine ... thanks for nothing in the spoiler about Paltrow. I am looking forward to this movie but am bummed that I now know this about it.

Christine said...

Not to worry Julie, although that one scene is a bit gross, it should in no way ruin the movie for you :)

Julie D. said...

Actually my point was that I wish I could have experienced it for myself without having read about it first, as well as the announcement at the end which you mention. Hence, the "spoiler" reference. :-)

Christine said...

That's why I put the 'Spoiler warning at the top :)

Julie D. said...

Well, well, so you did. I missed it amid the nephew chat report. My apologies.