Friday, May 30, 2008

Popular Pro-Life Movie Bella Becomes Novel, Headed to Bookstores Nationwide

Great news for Bella fans..I think this is one book review we'll all want to do :)

The popular pro-life movie Bella is prepared to make another nationwide impact as the film has been turned into a novel that is available at bookstores across the country. The novel provides a more in-depth look at the movie and the characters who have touched millions of lives.

As a movie, Bella took on some of the giants of the summer season in 2007, earning more ticket sales per theater than some of the most popular movies at the time.

Then, Bella became the most popular pre-sell DVD in its category at after the movie went to video.

Now, the producers of the film tell about the latest chapter in the Bella saga.

"Bella has become such an amazing phenomenon that book publisher Thomas Nelson and award-winning author Lisa Samson decided to adapt the Bella story onto the written page and make it available in both English and Spanish," Bella producers Sean Wolfington and Leo Severino said.

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Anonymous said...

This movie Bella is extremely uplifting and inspiring. It really shows the love and joy that life can bring.