Friday, March 7, 2008

The Secular Media and Your Family's Best Defense: A Review of Noise by Teresa Tomeo

An excellent review by Cheryl Dickow

If you want to read a book on today's media and the Catholic family there is absolutely no better source than Teresa Tomeo. Teresa is the Catholic talk show host of "Catholic Connection," produced by Ave Maria Radio that can be heard on over 120 Catholic stations through EWTN Global Catholic Radio, the Internet, and Sirius Channel 160. She has deep roots in the media milieu, having spent most of her high school years, college internships, and all of her career in the trenches, as they say. Not only has Teresa, herself, been "in the business," but as a talk show host she has interviewed countless people who have contributed vastly to her understanding of the secular media's impact on the Catholic family.

If you are a Catholic adult you'll want Teresa's book, Noise, in your home. You'll want it because, even if you feel there isn't anything new that could be said about the media and its influence on you and your family, I will suggest that you are wrong. Not only is Teresa's book full of the latest in statistics that will shake you, and wake you, but I see her book as an anointed way to open dialogue between yourself and your children and to make a real difference in how you and your family view the secular media.

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