Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Academy Awards this year got lowest ratings

According to Ted Baer, founder of MovieGuide a Christian movie review group which holds the Faith and Values Awards. He says what I felt while watching the Oscars, that the nominees don't reflect the tastes and values of the American public.
Conservative film critic Michael Medved explained to Raymond Arroyo last month on "The World Over" that the Academy is made up of former nominees, actors and directors, and that they are increasingly out of touch with what the American public wants. Wildly popular films like "National Treasure" or "Spiderman" almost never get any nominations. Let's not forget the cold shoulder given to "The Passion of the Christ" which received only three technical nominations: for cinematography, makeup and musical score and only got the makeup award. Here's a list of the many other awards given to "The Passion" including the People's Choice Award" for Best Film. The only exception was the year "The Lord of the Rings" swept the Oscars.
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March Hare said...

I tend to watch the Academy Awards during the years I've actually seen the films nominated. This year I hadn't seen any of them. Ergo, no interest.