Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pro-Life Film "The Human Experience" Promotes Consistent Respect for Human Life

An excellent review by Colin Mason

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I'm sitting at a worn desk in the headquarters of Grassroots Films in Brooklyn, NY. Humming Macs surround me as the company dog, a sand-colored mutt named Daisy, wanders aimlessly around my feet. Across the desk, Michael Campo is describing the experience of visiting a leper colony in Ghana.

"At first I was a little afraid, because I didn't know what to expect," he reminisces. "But all that fear was gone in five or ten minutes . . . they found such great joy and happiness together."

Campo, 28, co-stars in Grassroots Films' latest project, The Human Experience.

Fast-paced and modern, The Human Experience is a you-are-there documentary that claims to offer an unprecedented look at the human condition. After being thoroughly excited by the trailer (available at www.grassrootsfilms.com), I had the pleasure of being invited to screen this film in Brooklyn, as well as speak to all of the major players at Grassroots Films.

Simply speaking, I was deeply impressed by The Human Experience. It is possibly the most truly pro-life film I have ever seen.

Many pro-life films present the cause of life in a compelling way. Others attempt to show the consequences of a disrespect for life, by shocking or horrifying the viewer.

This film does neither. Instead, it moves beyond the ever-present politics of our day to something much more fundamental, closer to the issue.

The Human Experience aims to truly portray the human person, not as an issue or a political cause, but simply as “a breathtaking reality; a new, unrepeatable, unprecedented adventure.”

In the words of Chuck Kinnane, the film’s director, “the whole idea was to show people in some pretty dire situations, but they're making the best of it and they're still finding a way to be happy.”

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