Sunday, February 8, 2015

Movie Review: 23 Blast

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This is the story of Travis Freeman.  Travis is a promising high school football player who wakes up with a swollen eye, which turns to blindness.  His initial reaction is anger and   frustration, which seems like the same reaction most people would have, but through the support of his parents, his coach, and friends, he perseveres and resumes playing football.

I did find it inspirational, and a good example of how to face adversity, but (and here's the part where I feel foolish) I thought it unrealistic for someone who is blind to play football.  But then..... did I mention this is a TRUE story?....they showed the real Travis playing football! and I realized that we should not place limits on what others can do.  The way that Travis overcame his affliction turned out to be very motivational to me and others...particularly considering that he graduated from a theological seminary and now has more of an opportunity to inspire others.

23Blast turned out to be a blast! :)

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