Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow - PG13

This story takes place in the future, where aliens, called Mimics, have invaded earth and taken over most of it.  The world's nations have joined forces to combat the Mimics.  Lt. Bill Cage (Cruise), who has never seen combat,  is literally dropped into the middle of this battle.

 As the previews indicate,Cage, keeps re-living the same events.  That is the main problem: it reduces the plot to scenes that we see over and over again.  The main redeeming quality is that Cage does get tougher, smarter and better able to combat the Mimics each time.

Cruise's acting is good and  entertaining, especially in the transformation of his character from scared rookie to  a shrewd combat leader. Unfortunately, I found Emily Blunt to be blunt (pun intended :) as his partner Rita.

There was some entertainment in seeing him handle the battle more effectively, and I enjoyed the ending.  The action was mostly battle scenes.  

Content warnings include language and violence.

Although I am a fan of Cruise, I have to be honest that this was not one of his best movies.

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