Friday, May 2, 2014

Movie Review: Moms' Night Out - PG

Warning: potential spoiler

Allyson and her friends  are looking forward to a night out while their husbands watch the kids, but a series of events turn the evening into a comedy of errors, i.e. a disaster :)

I do feel that Allyson overstates  the difficulties of motherhood. While it certainly isn't easy, her exaggeration only waters down the point of the movie.  However, it is also Allyson who later best conveys how rewarding motherhood is.

Patricia Heaton is perfect as a straight-laced preacher's wife.  She also has the funniest scene in the movie.  

I'm a big fan of Trace Atkins, and he  plays an important role in the later half of the movie, and delivers the main point of the story when he tells Allyson to just be who  God made her to be.

Most movies tell a story and include action as part of that story, but in Moms' Night Out, the action and the events that take place actually tell the story.  Not much dialogue is needed.

Most importantly, this story successfully conveys both the challenges and rewards of being a parent.

A very entertaining film for the whole will make you laugh!

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