Thursday, May 16, 2013

App Review: DGems: Daily Gospel Reflections by Fr. Philip Heng, S.J.

DGems: Daily Gospel Reflections is a collaboration between  Fr. Philip Heng, S.J. and Valent Richie, a Catholic app developer.  (I've also reviewed a few of Valent Richie's other apps on this blog before).    

This app provides the Gospel reading for each day, with a reflection by Fr. Philip Heng. If you can't attend daily Mass, you can easily read the Gospel for each day.  
It even has links to Fr. Heng's homilies for further reflection

A couple of very useful features in the app are: You can set a daily reminder if you wish to read the Gospel at a specific time each day.  

Do you see the little WI-FI symbol at the bottom right of the below screen shots? If you  touch it, you can easily share that day's Gospel reflection on Facebook or Twitter, or by email or text.  

A very useful app, and very well-designed!  
Of all the apps I've reviewed, this is the one I will personally use most often. 

  Here are a couple of screen shots of the app:


DGems Daily Gospel Relections is for iPhone, iPod and iPad. 
It  is available as a free download HERE or on iTunes.


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