Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Music Review: Loved by JJ Heller

In addition to JJ performing, she and her husband wrote all songs on this CD. There are 10 tracks,  and although they are each different, they all have a familiar, steady,  comfortable tempo/rhythm.  JJ's voice also sounded comfortable...not too shrill, not too low.  Both of those factors made this CD very pleasurable listening.  

That being said, most of the lyrics acknowledge what we receive from God.  "If you Fall" is God saying he loves us even when we fall.  "Redemption" refers to us as ransomed and redeemed.  "Come Back to Me", in fact,  states how we 'self-destruct' when we walk away from God.  

Most Christian music I've reviewed contains songs of worship and praise.  I did not find that the case with "Loved".  The lyrics mostly focus on 'us', 'we' and 'me'...It would be appropriate and desirable to have some focusing on thanking God and praising His greatness.  The music and singing are great, but the lyrics left a hole for me.  


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