Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Movie Review: Lincoln - PG13

President Lincoln is trying to pass the 13th amendment, end slavery, end the Civil War and re-unite the country.

  Most of the story takes place in the House of Representatives, where Lincoln and his allies believe that passing the 13th amendment (the Senate has already passed it) abolishing slavery will help accomplish his goals.  The political maneuverings of the time are much like we'd see today.

  A very well-told story. The prejudice  of the time is so strong it is almost a caricature of the racist stereotype.  

Daniel Day-Lewis is EXCELLENT in his role as Lincoln. I especially enjoyed his interaction with his family, his wife (Sally Field was very good as Mary Todd Lincoln) and two sons.

 Content warnings include language (use of the 'n' word), and and a couple of gory scenes from the war. A very good quality movie.


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Alan Aversa said...

God's name was used in vain much more than the "'n' word."

Also, I liked Lincoln's character mentioning the unborn. I wonder if the scriptwriter intended to draw a parallel between slavery then and abortion now.