Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Review: "After the Cross" by Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch

At an archeological site in Istanbul, an 800 year-old  letter is found that indicates that the cross of Christ still exists, though hidden. Colton Foster and Mallory Windom are the two archeologists who embark on the search for the cross.  But... they're not the only ones...some unsavory (Zarco was an effective "bad guy") people are also looking for the cross.  But who will find it first?
This book has so much.  I enjoy stories about faith, and it is a good mystery.  I especially liked how the suspense was built. Throw in a love story, and you've got an excellent, well-told story that anyone will enjoy.
I especially liked the way the story was told from both biblical times and current day to relate the story of the cross.
An excellent book.
Mike, you've got a new fan!

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