Saturday, August 4, 2012

Music Review: "You Are the Light" by Josh Blakesley

I've reviewed several Christian music CD's, and what I always look for first and foremost is for the music and lyrics to truly enhance worship:  I've found that some get so caught up in the music  that,  unfortunately,  the worship of the Lord is essentially lost.  
But....from the first track to the last track, Josh's music and songs made me think only of the Lord we worship.
Josh includes all aspects of faith and worship:
"Restored" relates how we are restored in the Lord.
 "I Will Give Thanks" expresses the gratitude due the Lord. 
"At  the Name" (my favorite, BTW) reminds us of the reverence due the name of Jesus.
This CD is one of the best Christian music CD's I've had the pleasure of reviewing.  
And did I mention Josh is Catholic?  :)   The below clip is a sample of his previous work.
An excellent CD! 

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