Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book review; The Power of Choices

I was told by a priest who is a chaplain for the Sisters of Life that abortion will end when the women who have suffered the unspeakable emotional, spiritual, and physical pain of abortion speak out. No one can refute the personal experiences of women who were sold the lie that abortion painlessly solves the dilemma of an unplanned pregnancy.
 Tracy Medling's book "The Power of Choices" is the voice of one the victims of the mentality of the Culture of Death. Tracy didn't do anything unusual, committing fornication with her boyfriend in high school as she recoiled from the pain in her parent's broken marriage.  Tracy's case was atypical in that she was fortunate enough to have teachers in her life who reminded her that sin has consequences. She was asked to leave the convent school she was attending because she persisted in living with her boyfriend and being a poor example of the Christian life to the younger girls. It was the beginning of a wake up call that God sent her to leave sin behind and commit her life to Him.

How many young women in high school are encouraged to lead lives of sin, by Planned Parenthood coming to speak and advertise their contraceptives and abortion business? How many underage young women destroy their lives with the help of teachers who legally take them to abort their children without their parents' knowledge? Who has the courage to tell these young women that they are being sold a lie which in most cases will destroy their dreams of love and family?

Tracy became a devoted Christian after her abortion, and speaks frankly to young women about the damage these type of messages did to her, and the redeeming power of Christ to help her overcome the devastation of abortion, and begin anew to build a wholesome marriage and family. She speaks to young women with the authority of one who has walked in their shoes, bolstered by God's Eternal Word, which is quoted on every page.
A fascinating story told with honesty and humility,  containing life-changing truths. Recommended for adolescents through college age men and women who have been fed the lies of the Culture of Death.
"The Power of Choices" is available here.

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