Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest Post: October Baby Review

October Baby is a powerful, poignant film that addresses many levels of what it means to be human –dealing tenderly with pivotal questions of life, love and monkey-wrench circumstances that turn your whole world around and make you question why any of us is here.
Hannah is a beautiful and popular 19 year old who seems to have everything any of us could ever want: a loving family, great friends, and now the lead role in a big play. But on opening night, an asthma attack literally pulls the stage right out from under her and sends her unexpectedly on the journey of her life-time. As a result of her health issues, which have recently started to increase in frequency and intensity, the family doctor tells her they are related to the circumstances surrounding her birth. In very short order, she finds out she was adopted – and much more.
Her angst increasing with each revelation, coupled with questions that raises about her adoptive parents and her birth-mother, Hannah is propelled on a search that leads to more questions than she knew to ask. The road trip she embarks on with the help of her friends triggers a wide variety of responses from each person involved and deals realistically with personal relationships on every leveland ultimately everyone’s search for who we are and why we’re here.
The character development for Hannah, her parents, her friends and the other people you meet as the story progresses is flawless and draws you into the heart of the journey with compassion, and a yearning to see everything work out for the best. No one in the story line is an “extra”. Each person is integral to the telling of the tale, no matter how small their part seems to be – just as it is in life. Each word, each addition by everyone in the account is a thread that is carefully woven in, revealing that we are all truly connected to one another and each bear responsibility for what happens next. You are no longer in the audience - you become personally invested in the outcome.
There are times of side-splitting laughter and tender moments of tears as each scene progresses in common experiences and relationships. Although the movie is riveting from the beginning, it is the last 5 minutes that made me want to stand up and cheer – and bring everyone I could to see it.
This is a story of redemption, of forgiveness, and of one woman’s journey to rediscover the purpose for her life – and in the telling shows us ours. This is a wonderful film: fabulous cinematography, powerful story lines, surprising twists, comedic recognition of people in your own life, and an oasis of quality entertainment and family-friendly drama in an industry that increasingly lacks both. I heartily recommend this movie and encourage everyone to go to and look into forming an Action Squad in your area to bring the movie to your community. This truly is a tale that bears retelling, and you will never be the same.
Tracy A. Medling
Author, The Power of Choices
Hanover CT

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