Sunday, September 11, 2011

Movie Review: Contagion - PG13

Gwyneth Paltrow contracts a deadly disease on a trip to Hong Kong and unknowingly brings it back to the U.S., in Minneapolis.  It is frightening how quickly the disease spreads world-wide.  The CDC, DHS, and MDH (Minnesota Department of Health) are all trying to find the origin of the disease, contain its spread, and develop a vaccine.

The spread of the disease, which is so far fatal, leads to public panic and unrest.  That only serves to complicate efforts to contain the disease.

A very well-told story with stellar acting performances.  Everyone was very good in their role, but Jude Law was particularly good as a reporter trying to benefit from the story. Laurence Fishburne was very good as Dr. Cheever, the head of the CDC.

A gripping story with plenty of suspense.

Content warnings include some language and one brief autopsy scene (a couple of minutes, and certainly not worth missing the movie over)

Two words:  See it!


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The Longest Journey Begins With But One Small Step said...

My wife and I saw the movie last night. While it was well acted out once again, beyond the virus there was a second villian in the form of anyone seeking naturopathic cures. Apparently even Hollywood still believes the lies perpetrated by the pharmaceutical companies. What was equally distressing was the underlying theme that the government bodies still have autonomy to decide who lives and who dies. Can you imagine a lottery to decide who gets a vaccine, based on their birthdays? Unions also play a minor role in that people still hold other human beings for ransom and what good is a union body if you can't go on strike for the almighty dollar in a time of international crisis. The movie drew a lot of similarities to the movie "Outbreak" in the 90's with a very slightly different plot and the end result being the same. When will Hollywood drop its fear of government repurcussions and produce a factual movie that proves what mankind already knows? That Naturopathic and Homeopathic remedies along with healthy diet and exercise are the real secrets to curing disease in society? As long as we keep feeding the almighty dollar into the pharmaceutical and drug companies, we have no one to blame for the ills of society except ourselves. Pray we wake up before it's too late!