Sunday, August 14, 2011

movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens - PG13

Set in Arizona in 1873.  A stranger (Daniel Craig) arrives in the town of Absolution with no memory of who he is or how he got there.   The only hint he has to his past is a mysterious shackle on his wrist.   About the same time, Colonel Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) and his gang arrive in town looking for Dolarhyde's son, who was arrested by the sheriff. When the town is invaded by aliens and several townspeople are abducted by them, the townspeople must team together with Dolarhyde's crew, a band of outlaws, and a group of Indians to battle the aliens and try to rescue their abducted loved ones.

The unique scenario of combining the old west with aliens certainly creates an interesting story.  I wouldn't use the word 'entertaining', because at times the story seems to really drag on.

Overall, character development is weak:  aside from Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, there are no strong standout characters.  The exception to this is Ella Swenson, played by Olivia Wilde, a woman from Craig's past who helps them in the battle against the aliens.

Content warnings are for lots of violence, and some gore.

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