Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie Review: I Am Number Four - PG13

John Smith is the new kid in school, but he is really 'Number 4', from another planet.  He lives with his 'protector' Henri, who poses as his father.  John is hiding out from some criminals from his planet who seek to kill him because he is one of a handful of gifted people who have the ability to stop them.  

While blending in, John falls in love and begins to develop his skills and discover his full abilities.  And he utilizes them, because his enemies are formidable.

A very good movie.  Lots of action and an engaging story.  Very entertaining.   I took my nephews, ages 11-13, and they really enjoyed it.

 As you'd expect, there is some violence.   Aside from that, the only content warning is some cursing.

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