Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Book Review: "Criminal Minds: Finishing School" by Max Allan Collins

"Criminal Minds" is one of my favorite shows;  I enjoy the the uniqueness of the characters, and the diversity, and the sophistication, of the episode plots.   I was eager to see how both the characters and the plots translated to book format.   

The bodies of 3 young women are found in Bemidji, Minnesota.  They had disappeared from Georgia about 10 years ago.   In the course of the investigation,  the bodies of 3 young women are found in Georgia.  They had also been missing about 10 years ago...from Minnesota!

The BAU team must find out who is doing this, because it looks like they are starting again!

The story kept me riveted, even during scenes that may not be as active,  because I know that all the pieces will come together to solve the case.  The BAU profilers are the best at what they do.  The story translated better than the characters did.  It was harder to appreciate the characters' individual qualities and personalities in written form than in the TV show.

I was a bit surprised at the language.  There was quite a bit more cursing than I'm used to in the show.

A good story that could have been told better.

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