Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes - PG13

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Warning: Possible spoilers

This was a somewhat different portrayal of Sherlock Holmes than we have been accustomed to through literature; He was much more physical than intellectual. I thought this rendition of Holmes reminded me somewhat of Charlie Chaplain or inspector Closeau. Quite honestly, He didn't come across as particularly intellectual until the end, when, as usual in Holmes stories, he put all the clues together.

Holmes is pursuing Lord Blackwood, with the help of Watson and some involvement by Irene Adler, the only woman to have bested Holmes. Blackwood is attempting to takeover Parliament. The odd thing is that Blackwood was hung in the beginning of the movie :)

The movie itself relied more on action than special effects to entertain. It was, indeed, very entertaining.

Robert Downey Jr. was very good as Holmes, and Jude Law delivered a Dr. Watson who was much more intelligent and capable than the 'sidekick' portrayed in literature.

Not much in the way of content warnings. No objectionable language, but there was one scene where Holmes was naked, but his crotch was covered.

It appears likely there will be a sequel because in the end, Holmes receives a warning regarding Professor Moriarty, whom many of you will probably remember from Sherlock Holmes literature.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again, ... secret Mason like society ... occult practices .... satanic like symbols .... sacrificial "virgin" .... it's either pandering to perceived enjoyment, or simply a way to deaden our senses against real threats??? ... who knows? ... but after sitting through the previews, it looks like Hollywood & the movie industry is intent upon assaulting us with similar themes for a while!!! I'm sorry I went!

memory cards said...

It’s a good-looking film that is fun and comic, with fine performances from Law, Downey and, especially, Strong.