Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Joey, you got potential!

To the commenter Joey on the Twilight Series post by Housewife Spice, I give a thumbs up!
He wrote,
 "so here i am, reading this, and i cant believe how many people are such a big fan. im a male who hasnt read the books, but my ex girlfriend dragged me to the theatres to watch some of the twilight movies. i could not believe the bland acting and horrendous filming that was put into this movie. i am a film student and i think i could have done a better job using a cellphone camera, a bottle of sparkles, and a can of white paint. this movie actually disturbed me though. edward sits outside her room and watches her sleep. in real life this is predatorial activity (which is illegal) but in the movie it is considered to be romantic? c'mon kids whats with that? it puts a completely false image into the minds of girls who read it. it makes them think that this is what true love is. but true love is far from that. true love is not about losing control, its about having control. true love is not selfish and manipulative (as edward shows on many occasions) it is unselfish and completely giving. twilight is a great way to warp your mind and view, and i would highly encourage people to stay away from it unless they were to watch it for the comedic purpose of the poor acting."

You are a true man of exacting taste in film and some real  knowledge of romantic love. You are also very snarky.  You should be a film critic. Do you, by chance, come from Brooklyn, NY? If so, please do your movie reviews on film, I could almost hear your comment being read by Joe Pesci in his best "My Cousin Vinny" voice. 

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