Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Book Review: "The Knight" by Steven James

Possible spoiler

FBI agent Pat Bowers is back to investigate a string of grisly murders.  He and the task force soon discover that the murders are based on a series of medieval stories,  and the victim in the last story is....Pat.  While he is working on this investigation, Pat must also deal with a case from his past.   Although Pat is portrayed as an immensely capable agent, he is clearly upset about the break-up of a personal relationship.  He is also trying his best to raise his teenage stepdaughter Tessa;  their exchanges are some of the more entertaining moments in the story.

As Pat is preparing to confront the killer, Cheyenne, the detective he is working with on this case, gives him a St. Francis medal to keep in his pocket because he is the patron Saint against dying alone. She had previously mentioned that St. Francis is also the patron Saint of the Archdiocese of Denver (where most of the story takes place).

I was pleasantly surprised to see a strong pro-life message when a character finds out that her mother had planned to abort her before changing her mind. She is very disturbed by the discovery and is very open about her feelings toward abortion.

The only content warning is some gruesome murder scenes.

I've become a real fan of Steven James and his Pat Bowers character.  I heartily recommend his stories.

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