Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Review: "Sullivan's Evidence" by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

The head of the forensics lab, Abernathy, is found guilty of tampering with evidence. Some of his cases begin to fall apart, and their convictions are overturned. Probation officer Carolyn Sullivan is back in this story, which centers on the search for Carl Holden, a murderer/rapist who is released after Abernathy's conviction.  Holden may be involved with several recent murders.  While  Carolyn helps the police search for connections between the murders,  she also tries to care for her chidren and make time for her  new relationship with Marcus, whom she just met.  

As the  investigation proceeds, the police look more closely at Marcus, but Carolyn trusts him and is certain they are wrong.  The more immediate danger is from Holden, who threatens her family.

Content warnings include one attempted rape scene, and harsh language throughout.

As she did with "Sullivan's Justice", Ms. Rosenberg does a masterful job of tying together seemingly disparate events to build the suspense to a rapid conclusion.

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