Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Review: "Revenge of Innocents" by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

Probation officer Carolyn Sullivan is back.   She's been promoted to manager of the department, she is busy planning her wedding to Marcus,  and her children are doing well.  Life is good, until  her best friend and co-worker Veronica is found dead.  Initially it is considered a suicide, but Carolyn doesn't believe that.  She postpones her wedding to investigate Veronica's death.   It is soon apparent it was a murder.     It is also connected to two other deaths, as well as as two young girls who were molested, including Veronica's daughter Jude.

I like the way that Ms. Rosenberg throws suspicion on  someone other than the real killer, but this time I found it quite tiresome the way a key victim and witness kept lying and changing her story.  As usual, Ms.  Rosenberg does a masterful job of tying all the pieces together to reveal the true killer and the motives.  Unfortunately, she chooses to leave some loose ends in the story.

There is some more discussion of Carolyn's Catholic faith.  She is trying to receive the sacraments more frequently because she is feeling guilty about killing a bad guy (this was in "Sullivan's Justice"), even though it was in self defense.  When a witness is badly injured by being hit by a car, Carolyn's first reaction is to call a priest to give her the sacrament of the sick.  Unfortunately, Carolyn is both divorced and now living with Marcus.

In addition to the subject of two girls being molested, content warnings include an intimate scene with Carolyn and Marcus, and language throughout.

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