Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'Twilight' of the West – Films with Demonic Influence?

Wednesday’s release of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" promises to be a blockbuster success, if last week’s premiere in Los Angeles, where hundreds of fans camped out for days in advance order to get a glimpse, is any indication. The film’s massive popularity comes as no surprise to Canadian novelist and author Michael O’Brien, who analyzes the Twilight series in his latest book. O'Brien argues convincingly that the vampire novel series dangerously twists evil into good and may even be demonically influenced.

Commenting today on the film’s release, O’Brien told LifeSiteNews, “Unprecedented cultural phenomena such as the Twilight series, Harry Potter and Phillip Pullman’s Dark Materials series represent a sliding scale of familiarity with evil. It is time for the people of the West to awaken to the fact that we are in the midst of a cultural revolution that is reshaping our understanding of reality itself in powerful ways. It succeeds in this by rewarding us with copious sensual pleasures stimulating the imagination in all the wrong directions.”


Unknown said...

I definitely don't agree on most of that. In both Harry Potter and Twilight, the classic fantasy plot of good vs. evil is upheld. The characters in both series actively fight against evil influences; Harry Potter against Voldemort, the Twilight Vampires against their own temptations to kill humans.

As a devout Catholic, I am very aware of those influences that can creep into a book or movie, and I have absolutely no problem on that front with Harry Potter or Twilight.

His Dark Materials, on the other hand, I couldn't even finish because of its twisting of good and evil and its blatant attacks on the Church and my beliefs.

Bekah said...

Apologies begged in advance for the off topic comment, however I would like to extend an invitation to users of this blog to join a new book discussion group I have set up to study Catholic classic literature. Public domain texts will be posted a chapter a day. I'll be starting Tuesday with Chesterton.