Monday, June 7, 2010

Movie Review: Prince of Persia - PG13

King Sharaman has two sons, Garsiv and Tus. He adopts Dastan as a boy because he is impressed when Dastan helps another boy in trouble. The real story begins 15 years later, when Dastan leads a successful invasion of a holy city, based on false information. It is at that point he acquires a special dagger that has the ability to turn back time, giving its owner great power.  Soon after, Dastan is framed for killing his father with a poisoned cloak.  His brother Tus becomes King.
Dastan must then flee until he can clear his name.  He is pursued by both of  his brothers and their army.  He is accompanied by Princess Tamina, from who tells him of the powers of the dagger, and how to use it. He is 'aided' by Sheik Amar, who threatens to turn him in for the reward, but actually helps him. Amar is somewhat comical, and one of the most entertaining scenes is the ostrich races he runs.

There was plenty of action, and the special effects were dazzling. As you might expect, the two standout actors were Ben Kingsley as Uncle Nizam and Alfred Molina as Sheik Amar. 

No content warnings.  There were no sex scenes, and no objectional language.

An excellent movie.

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