Monday, May 24, 2010

Book Review: "Final Justice" by Marta Perry

Mason Grant and Jennifer Pappas were friends in college, and they have recently reconnected since their 10-year college reunion.  During construction on campus, the body of their friend Josie is found.   She had had  a baby shortly before her death.

Mason has a lot to deal with: a DNA test shows that he is the father of Josie's 10 year-old daughter Alexis,  and now he is trying to develop a relationship with both Alexis and Jennifer.

They soon find themselves threatened by Penny Brighton, the woman who killed Josie (I was a bit surprised that this was revealed so early in the story, but that fact is essential to the rest of the plot).  Penny soon shows that she can get to either Alexis or Jennifer whenever she wants.  Mason must now  try to protect both Alexis and Jennifer from Penny.

I love the combination of suspense and faith.   While both Mason and Jennifer rely on each other and their faith,  they must also deal with past events from their lives.

An excellent story.

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