Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book Review: "A Christmas to Die For" by Marta Perry

This book is a follow-up to "Hide in Plain Sight", which I reviewed earlier.   Andrea and Cal are away on their honeymoon, and Rachel is now running the Three Sisters Inn Bed and Breakfast, along with her grandmother.  One of her first guests is Tyler Dunn.  He has come to town to both dispose of his grandfather's property, which he now owns after the death of his mother, and to uncover the circumstances of his grandfather's death some 20 years earlier.  Because she knows the town and its residents, Rachel assists Tyler in his investigation, which can best be described as a 'relentless pursuit of the truth',  because it threatens to implicate Rachel's family.   Despite this, they begin to develop feelings for each other;  he doesn't want to hurt her, but he will not be deterred from his pursuit.  I like Rachel's occasional uttering of short little prayers such as "Lord, show me the way", reminding us to include God in our lives. 

Again, Ms. Perry does a very good job of developing and shaping her characters.  You'll never figure out the guilty party...and isn't that the way a good mystery should be?  The story is well told, at a good pace.  We even find out the answer to one of the mysteries from the earlier story.  The circumstances of Tyler's grandfather's death,  combined with their feelings for each other, creates a very suspenseful reading experience.

An excellent book.

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