Sunday, September 20, 2009

Movie Review: Whiteout - R

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Approximately 50 years ago, a Russian plane crashed in Antarctica when the co-pilot went bad and shot the crew, who shot him in return. Now, 50 years later U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko is the law enforcement at a government research station in Antarctica. A body is found on a desolate area of ice, and Carrie investigates. Soon, the plane the plane that crashed 50 years ago is found, and a connection is drawn between the body and the plane. The plot revolves around 2 questions: Where are 6 containers that are missing from the plane? And what what was in them? The factor that adds to the suspense is that because of the investigation, Carrie and a couple of people helping her miss the last plane out and are now stuck at the research station for 6 months.

Content warnings: A few scenes with blood, a scene with frostbite, and one scene of Carrie in the shower (only seen through the shower door).

Plenty of action, and very suspenseful. The term whiteout refers to a snow storm, and those scenes were particularly awesome. The story was well-told, but a bit drawn out. There is a good plot twist toward the end. Overall, a good movie worth seeing.

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