Sunday, September 13, 2009

Movie Review: The Final Destination - R

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Nick and his friends go to a race, and he has a vision in which he foresees a crash, which precedes a collapse of the stands. Both they, and a group of people in the stands around them escape.

One by one, those who escaped the racetrack begin to die in freak accidents. The point appears to be that it was their time to go, and if they escaped that event, they will die by some other means, in the same order.
This point seems to conflict with the main plot, in which Nick and his girlfriend Lori and George, the security guard from the racetrack, believe that if they break the pattern by saving one of them, they can prevent the others from dying. One by one, they try to do just that.

If you can overlook the gory scenes, the 3D was really cool. I wouldn't call it an action movie, but the plot kept it interesting, more so than a typical horror movie.

Content Warnings: Plenty of gore, especially items going through peoples' heads. A scene where someone is caught and killed in an escalator. A scene where someone is caught and killed in a pool filter. A sex scene with nudity.

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