Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle; the latest Catholic superstar

Until she wowed the world with last week's performance on "Britain's God Talent" (see video here) auditions in Scotland, Susan who was deprived of oxygen at birth, and suffers a learning disability was a 'nobody' in the eyes of the world. The youngest of 9 children, Susan was mocked at school for her disability and lived a quiet life centered around her home parish, Our Lady of Lourdes where she sang in the choir until her mother's death in 2007. She has never been kissed, her only companion is her cat, Pebbles, and she has a reputation for quirky behavior and kindness, according to her pastor, Fr Clark in this CNS interview.
She is a beautiful soul. You can tell by the reaction of the audience to her song. It was an epiphany; yes, a disabled woman who is unattractive in the eyes of the world has something wonderful to contribute. Listen and learn. And next time, keep an open mind.
We can feel pride that while most Catholic celebrities disappoint, Susan is too innocent to be ruined by her 20 million viewers worldwide. Yet. I hope her pastor, Fr Clark, and her 8 siblings keep her safe from Hollywood. I'm waiting for her first CD.

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