Monday, April 13, 2009

NBC Talk Show Host Jay Leno Under Fire for Hosting Fundraiser for Pro-Abortion Group

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Late-night NBC talk show host Jay Leno is coming under fire for plans to host a fundraising event later this month for a prominent pro-abortion organization. A pro-life group is taking Leno to task for announcing that he will host a dinner for the Feminist Majority Foundation.

As the king of late night comedy, Jay Leno has few living peers and he is watched and beloved by millions of American viewers.

To Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, that makes it more difficult to understand why he would support a group that Perkins says works against the interests of pregnant women.

“On April 29th, Jay Leno and his wife are hosting a fundraiser for the Feminist Majority Foundation, a radical pro-abortion group that not only advocates for abortion on demand, but also for the closing of pro-life pregnancy centers,” Perkins tells this month, FMF sent an e-mail to its 400 college campus affiliates asking the young abortion advocates to launch protests against their local crisis pregnancy centers. Why? If they are "feminist" and "for women", they should be protesting abortion centers, which do great damage to women, and supporting crisis pregnancy centers, which provide women alternatives to abortion.

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