Friday, January 30, 2009

We don't like censorship

NBC has banned this from their Superbowl commercials, yet are airing a sexually-charged PETA commercial. See for yourself what they won't broadcast.

From Catholic


Anonymous said...

NBC was Wrong, There was nothing Wrong with this Ad, It spoke truth, which they have no interest in.

March Hare said...

I thought NBC rejected the PETA ad as "too sexual." No?

Julie D. said...

Yes, they did reject it. They told PETA that if they edited it (and that editing would have had to be severe from the ad that I watched) then they would air it. But I didn't see it and I watched pretty much the whole Super Bowl, although not all of the pre-game stuff.

Leticia said...

Julie and March Hare, you're right, the PETA ad was banned, for the reasons you said, overt sexuality not because of their political message. Since the Catholic Vote ad was not sexual or violent, it must have been rejected on political grounds. Interestingly, I have read that NBC was at first very interested in airing the ad, and had lawyers working on raisingn the funds to air it, then it was suddenly rejected.
One has to wonder WHO influenced that decision.